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Is A Vaccine To Prevent Cancer In Your Dog Coming Soon?

As a species, dogs are particularly susceptible to cancer. Approximately one in four dogs will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives.  Fifty percent of dogs over ten years of age will develop cancer.  Some breeds are more susceptible to cancer than others (1).
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Pumpkin Cookies for Dogs

Homemade Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

Does your dog feel left out when you start your holiday baking? Include them in the festivities with these simple pumpkin flavoured biscuits. Pumpkin is a great source of fibre, zinc and vitamins, which can help your dog’s digestive health, skin and coat.
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Large cat sitting beside scale

Tools For Managing Diabetes In Cats

Type II diabetes is a common disease in cats (1).  It is an illness that occurs when the body loses its ability to manage sugar (glucose) levels in the blood properly. Decreased physical activity, increased carbohydrate intake, and obesity are all factors that predispose pet cats to diabetes.

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Beagle scratching

Does My Pet Have Season Allergies?

The changing leaves are a universal signal that autumn has arrived.  In the animal hospital, another sure sign of the season is the increase in allergy calls.  Like people, dogs and cats can develop allergies to many things, including food, dust, mould, and pollen.

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DIY Felt Cat Toys

Autumn Catnip DIY Stuffies

Give your cat’s toy stash an autumnal feel with these DIY catnip stuffies!

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Cat hiding under couch

Four Ways to Reduce Stress in Pet Cats

Dr. Sperry, DVM, provides best practices on combatting stress in your feline friend.

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Canine Leptospirosis: Is Your Dog at Risk?

Dr. Sperry, DVM, provides the facts on a common illness “Lepto” for dogs.

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Welcoming A New Pet – Mindful Adoption

Dr. Sperry, DVM, provides best practices on how to find the right pet for your family.

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Dog and Owner with Suitcase

The Complete Guide to Prudent Travel With Pets

With more people opting to travel within their own countries, many more pets are being included in the family travel plans.

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Dog Eating Popsicle

Beat the Heat with Pup-Sciles - A Frozen Dog Treat Recipe

Try out this simple recipe to spoil your dog with a refreshing, frozen treat.

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