Kim Schroeder - Champion, Product and Business Management

Kim has had a long career with the pet health community, starting as an Animal Health Technologist in a veterinary practice. After moving into a Territory Manager role for a pet insurance company, her career took a new direction, learning about product management, claims management and systems management at a major Canadian pet health insurer. Now, in her Champion role at Pets Plus Us, Kim is excited to be managing a variety of projects, including the ongoing development of our web community and internal systems along with our product strategies. Kim knows pets, inside and out!

Kim has two beautiful Ragdoll cat siblings. They’re 10 years old but kittens at heart! They’ve been insured since they were kittens because Kim understands the desire to have coverage in case of need. “My cats are my kids and I would do anything required to help them. Insurance gives me the confidence to know that I can afford the best in veterinary care. I’m thankful, though, that I haven’t had more than a couple of minor claims in all of their years.”